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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit ­ Marriage and Divorce

Most people argue that the family is in `crisis'. They point to the rapidly increasing divorce rate,
cohabitation, illegitimacy and number of single parent families.

What is happening to Marriage?
Marriage has increased in popularity, reaching…

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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

There is also a tradition of women living independently from their children's father in the
AfricanCaribbean community. This could be partly explained historically, from the days of slavery,
when husbands and wives were sold to separate plantations. But Wilson (1987) argues that a black…

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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Changes in legislation which have made divorce easier but also social changes in which the law
reflect are seen as the main causes of the increase in divorce rates.

Have Women Broken up the Family?
The position of women has changed in a number…

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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit ­ Births and The Ageing Population

One of the strongest trends has been the rise in illegitimacy. Illegitimacy rates are rising, as more
people have children without being married. Some of the stigma associated with illegitimacy no
longer exists.…


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