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Sociology ­ Pete
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Topic 7 Class Identity

What is Social Class?
Social Class is known as the position in the social and economic structure. Most sociologists
find it convenient to use occupation as a measure of a person's social class. Over the years
sociologists have…

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Sociology ­ Pete
Emma Rudd BMA

ad influence. Public schools also socialise their pupils into high levels of selfconfidence and
an acute sense of social superiority.

Social and Leisure Activities
During their socialisation young members of the upper class are introduced to the exclusive
social events such as hunting shooting,…

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Sociology ­ Pete
Emma Rudd BMA

They believe in They also believe that
meritocracy and that success in life is a result of
positions should be effort and application not
achieved through ability just luck.
and effort.

Socialisation into Middle Class Identity
The Family
King and Raynor (1981) suggest that…

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Sociology ­ Pete
Emma Rudd BMA

The traditional working class felt In the past working class identity was
marriage was for life and disapproved of based around work, but now they are
divorce. more likely to define themselves by their
The members of the extended family hobbies and recreational activities.…

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Sociology ­ Pete
Emma Rudd BMA

identity. These lifestyles are less and less Over 90% could place themselves in a
likely to be based on social class. class if prompted.
Nowadays lifestyles and identities are Marshall et al argued that class is the
much more diverse and flexible. They most…


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