Sociology Revision - Motherhood

Notes on the Family Unit and Motherhood for AQA Sociology AS

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Sociology Revision ­ Motherhood:
Why it is changing:
o Contraceptives ­ easy access, better educated, more reliable,
women can choose when and if they want children
o Job Market ­ more career minded, workplaces not child friendly
o Education ­ better self esteem, better career prospects, no
longer reliant on men
o Biology ­ improved education and more job opportunities,
women leaving children later, Life style
Masculinity ­ Male identity
"Crisis in masculinity" ­ decline in manual work, feminism
"Millennium Man" ­ maintains masculinity through sports and being
with friends
Evidence that fatherhood is not becoming irrelevant:
o Fathers 4 Justice
o Conservatives placing a huge importance on fathers
o Male role models
o House Husbands


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