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Sociology social policies education
1870 education act
pre 1870 there was no proper education. This act introduced school which thought basic skills.
They thought all up to the age of 10. but these schools were biased to the upper classes.
1944 education act
this was aimed to create equal chance…

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the conservatives thought educations still was not effectively producing a workforce. So from
1979-97 they started creating marketisation and parentocracry (parental choice) and they want the
government the have more control in school. And introduce more vocational studies.
1988 education reform act
in this they introduced many new policies:

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· they introduced education action zones and aimhigher porjects to
help the underachieving areas and students. The education action
zones gave money to schools to help improve facilities.
· They introduced tuition fees
· EMA to persuade people to carry on in education after 16.
· academies were introduced to…


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