Social Approach Key Issue: Football Violence

A summary of football violence as one of the key issues of the Social Approach.

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Describing the issue:
- Sports team followers have very loyal followers
- Sometimes to the point of rivalry escalating to violence
- Two different teams wear different colours - Followers wear
matching colours = Easily identifiable
- Two groups of supporters can easily -
identify each other - There are often cases of football hooliganism = fans travel to support
their teams
- Makes identification with the in-
group stronger
- Meaning that prejudice against the
out group is also strong
- SIT suggests that people identifies with their
in-group and think of them as superior - this
enhances their self-esteem
- They view out-groups as inferior - potentially Maecenas pulvinar sagittis enim.
leading to violence
- Tajfel et al. discovered that even - Loyal followers
minimal groups discriminate against
`inferior' out-groups - Rivalry to violence
- Football followers are a part of a - Easily identifiable due to different colours
group for a more solid reason - so
- Football hooliganism
there may be more violence
- Deindividuation can cause violence Application of concepts + ideas:
- In-group identification + out group discrimination
- Deinviduation: When individuals do not feel
recognised as an individual so they no longer - SIT: Superior in-group + inferior out-group
feel responsible for their own actions (by being a
part of a group) - Tajfel et al. discrimination of minimal groups
- Individuals may display behaviours that - Deindividuation
wouldn't wouldn't display as individuals
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