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Social Approach
Social psychology is the study of how our behaviour is influenced by the presence, attitudes and
actions of others.

Social psychologists investigate such things as the effect of culture on our behaviour; what happens
when we join groups; why we help others (or why we don't); the origins…

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Types of interview

Structured ­ Pre-set order of questions.
Semi-Structured ­ There is a schedule of questions that should be answered but the
researcher has freedom to follow up on some responses.
Unstructured ­ Answers are open and the structure is flexible.

Unstructured Interview (Most commonly used)

Strengths ­ In-depth…

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Milgram (1963)

Aim ­ To see how obedient naïve participants would be when ordered to administer increasingly
intense electric shocks to an innocent victim.

Method ­ Lab Experiment

Procedure ­ 40 male volunteers were selected by an advertisement in a newspaper, and they were
paid 4 dollars to come to…

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Evaluation of Meeus and Raaijmakers

It was ecologically valid as this kind of psychological violence was more in tune with the times than
physical violence.

It lacked experimental validity as it was an unlikely scenario.

The study had population validity as the sample was representative of the Dutch population.


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Aim ­ To discover whether nurses would comply with an instruction which would involve them
having to infringe both hospital regulations and medical ethics.

Method ­ Field experiment.

Procedure ­ 22 nurses were tested. They received a telephone call where the nurse was asked to
give an overdose of…


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