Psychology Unit 2: Understanding the individual

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  • Psychology Unit 2: Understanding the individual
    • Biological Approach
      • Key Issue of transgender operations
      • Practical Test involving a mann-whitney u test
      • Role of CNS, neurotransmitters and genes in behaviour
      • Nature-nuture debate
      • Gender development
      • Gender development comparison with psychodynamic and learning approaches
      • Money Study of Bruce/Brenda
      • Raine et al brain abnormalities in murderers using PET scans
      • Methodology
    • Psychodynamic Approach
      • Key Issue of  false memory and repression
      • Practical Test involving spearmans rank
      • Freud's 5 stages of psychosexual development
      • Oedipus Complex
      • Freud's three-part theory of personality
      • Conscious, unconscious and preconscious
      • Defence mechanisms
      • Gender development in comparison to biological and learning approaches
      • Freud's study of little hans
      • Axline study of dibs
      • Methodology
    • Learning Approach
      • Key Issue: The increase in female violence to changing role models
      • Practical Test involving chi-squared test
      • Classical conditioning
      • Operant conditioning
      • Social learning theory
      • Gender development as explained using theories
      • Gender development in comparison to biological and psychodynamic approaches
      • Bandura, Ross and Ross study of how aggressive role models might be copied by children
      • Watson and rayner little albert study


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