Psychology Unit 1: Social and cognitive psychology

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  • Psychology Unit 1: Social and cognitive psychology
    • Social Approach
      • Key issue of Football Violence
      • Practical Test  involving a survey obtaining both qualitative and quantitative data
      • Methodology
      • Obedience
      • Milgram (1963)
      • Meeus and raaijmakers (1985)
      • Tajfel's Social identity theory
      • Hofling et al (1966)
      • Sherif (1961) The robbers cave experiment
      • Milgrams agency theory
      • Prejudice and discrimination
    • Cognitive Approach
      • Key Issue: How reliable is eyewitness testimony?
      • Practical Test to devise and conduct an experiment within cognitive psychology
      • Levels of processing theory of memory
      • Cue-dependent theory of forgetting
      • Methodology
      • Godden and  baddeley study of cue dependent forgetting
      • Craik and tulving levels of processing framework
      • Trace decay theory of forgetting
      • Reconstructive memory - Bartlett


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