Section B for Area of study three: Why does my Heart feel so bad

Break down of all the points you may need to know for section B on 'why does my heart feel so bad' by Moby. Hope this helps:)

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`Why does my heart feel so bad?'
Released: 1999
Moby uses a verse and chorus structure with an intro and an outro. The piece
starts with an 8 bar piano introduction. Then the verse starts playing the first
vocal sample four times. The piece starts with the piano playing, then the hip
hop drum beat, sub bass and synthesised strings come in. In the piece there is a
one bar bridge (break) when every instrument stops. All that can be heard is
the dying repeats of the delay on the vocal sample (echo), the quiet delay of
the snare drum fading and the tailing off reverb of the other instruments.
The piece uses the piano, vocal samples, sub bass, drum machine, synthesised
strings (and a synthesised organ). Throughout the piece the texture builds as
more and more instruments are added in each section. The synthesised strings
add melodic interest during the rests in the vocal line. The only time the
synthesised organ can be heard is on the last line `why does my heart feel so
bad'. The accompaniment is based on a large unchanged drum loop (ostinato)
with an emphasised back beat.
In the piece all of the timbres are either synthetic or sampled. Many of the
male and female vocals are edited samples taken from old gospel recordings.
The drum sounds include claves and shaker as well as the usual snare drum, and
you can tell the drum uses a synthesiser because of its precision. The bass and
strings parts are also synthesised. The piano sounds are generated on a digital
sound module. In the intro the piano is sequenced-we know this because it is so
In the vocal samples Moby uses echo, reverb and delay. However he also uses
sampling and looping at points in the song. The drums and piano are not live
because they are too mechanical and the dynamics are artificial sounding.
Moby uses eq, e.g. in the piano intro.
Rhythm and Tempo:

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This piece is in 4/4 time, which is typical in dance music. The start does not
have a clear pulse but the piece steadies out. All of the parts beside the
synthesised ones use syncopation.
Moby uses two different vocal samples. The first is `why does my heart feel so
bad, why does my soul feel so bad' this is the verse of the song. The chorus is
`these open doors'. The first sample uses a male voice, the second is female
vocals.…read more


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