Section A- Devising

Q1) Describe what the piece was about; state the style, period, genre, the performance space + any technical or design elements used and target audience, State your part. (10marks)

 The piece i have chosen to write about is 'You can't run from what's not there'
-devised piece
-1930s electroconvulsive therapy, but set in future
- physical, stylistic and abstract=psycological thriller- make the audience think
-target audience
-performed to our peers and parents (end on spacing)
-non naturalsitic piece
-used lighting/props to create a more sinister atmosphere
-we all multiroles except the man and the main girl 

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Section A- Devising

Q2) Explain how you developed your creative ideas for this piece of practical work. Give at least one example of how you applied your skill as an actor, designer or technician in preparation for performance.
-researched the 30s and 40s= clear understanding of the time period

-Watched 'Girl, interrupted' which really helped characterisation= nurse
-improvisation/experiment- advantage of using our imagination
-Facial expression-expressionless, straight posture,no interaction with any other characters
-broke the fourth wall

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Section A- Devising

Q3) Analyse the success of your groups ability to work as a team during the rehearsal period. You should refer to one specific example where teamwork was important in the later stages

-group worked well to achieve our aim (confuse the audience)
-expressed our views/opinions- if someone wasn't happy we would change it
-identified our areas that needed to be improved
-my projection
-as a group- our staging and again projection 

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Section A- Devising

Q4) Evaluate how far you achieved your personal aims in the final performance. Refer to particular moments.
-convince the audience that i was creepy/demonic-uncomfortable
-reciting the poem, stared directly at people, relaxed face, shoulders hunched,intimidating
-porjection, loudly,confidently 

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Section B: Billy Liar

-Played Geofferey Fisher in Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse and WIllis Hall
-Breakfast scene
-Middle aged, middle class man in the 1950s
-My interpretation, short temper, intimidating,strong

- My family has the accent (grandad)- 'He wants a bloody good hiding'
-I watched the breakfast scene on youtube

-I brought trousers to every rehearsal to practice
-Feet turned slightly outwards- pulled trousers up before sitting
- At the end of each session i would jot down some notes

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Section B: Billy Liar

-Tweed suit jacket, with pleated grey trousers, brown jumper and red tie
-Walked around (chest out, long strides etc)
-Facial expressions varied from anger with 'and you stop that bloody game' to a look of dismay with 'don't talk bloody wet'

-Left the audience thinking he was a strict but fair man
-Managed to make people laugh
-'its ever since he got that job, clerking, clerking for that undertaker, what kind of bloody job is that' 

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