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 Practical work you have completed during the course

This section is compulsory.  The question is split into 4 smaller questions, each worth 10 marks, you must complete all four questions in this section.  You should aim to spend 40 minutes on this section, so each question should take approx. 10 minutes.  

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– Describe your piece, name / theme of work, style, genre, target audience, performance space etc.  

– Explain – you will be asked to explain in further detail how your piece started and developed.  It may ask you to explain your first ideas or how you contributed to initial ideas etc.  It may ask you to explain your input in your chosen skill.

-  Analyse – This will ask you to analyse how your piece developed throughout the controlled assessment period.  It may ask you what progress was made in your rehearsals etc.  It will expect you to write honestly about the developments and how you overcame any obstacles etc.  

– Evaluate – This question will ask you to evaluate the piece.  It may ask you to discuss your personal strengths and weaknesses or it may ask you to focus more on the strengths and weaknesses of the group as a whole.

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Blood Brothers

The questions in section C are split into two parts – you must answer both parts.  

Each part is worth 20 marks each, so this sections carries a total of 40 marks

You should aim to spend 40 minutes on this section, so 20 mins per question.

As these questions are worth more marks, the examiners will expect to see longer answers than in section A.  They need to be in essay form.

 Make sure you read the question properly as it will ask you to either discuss one or more actors or one or more aspects of design – make sure you know what it is asking.

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SECTION C - Questions

 The first part of the question will ask you to describe and explain.  It will require you to refer to one specific scene or section, rather than the production as a whole and will focus on the use of acting skills or design skills in that section.  

The second part of the question will ask you to analyse and evaluate.  It will require you to be able to discuss how and why the acting or design contributed to the overall effect in your chosen scene.  

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Mrs. Johnstone is at work, playing with Edward on her break. Mr. Lyons is told a lie by his wife: Mrs. Johnstone's work is deteriorating and she must be fired. Mrs. Lyons fires Mrs. Johnstone, and tells her that she will never see Edward again because if the twins are ever told what they are, they will die, according to superstition. Mrs. Johnstone, highly superstitious, leaves, afraid and upset (Shoes Upon the Table).

 The plot has advanced seven years. Mickey Johnstone meets an upper class boy, his age, who introduces himself as Eddie Lyons. The two "decide" to be best friends, and discover that they share the same birthday. Not knowing anything, they assume it's a coincidence and believe they were meant to be brought together. They ***** their fingers and mix the blood. The are now Blood Brothers (July the 18th).

After the wedding, Mickey is fired from his job (Take a Letter Miss Jones). He is going crazy trying to find a job. He meets Eddie again on Christmas break, and Eddie offers money to the still unemployed Mickey. Mickey refuses, telling Edward to grow up and face miserable reality, the one without fun and games. Edward leaves; both men are mad at each other.

He accuses Edward of getting everything, even Linda now. And he asks if his baby is Edward's. He is deeply upset, and breaks down, crying and screaming and pointing the gun (The Council Chamber). Mrs. Johnstone and Linda, accompanied by the police, ask Mickey to surrender, but he doesn't listen.

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