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News and Current Affairs
Theoretical Perspectives and the influence of news values

Do we receive a balanced view of the world or is the news we receive systematically biased?

Journalists and editors
If asked would probably argue the news media provides an accurate reflection on what is happening in the…

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Visual Impact: Dramatic film or photographs make story more reportable. E.g. story of pensioner
being mugged more newsworthy if there is graphic pictures of her injuries.

Study ­ Uttley (1999) despite globalisation, broadcasting of world events in US decreased by half.

Complex Changes

Dumbing Down: The idea that news has…

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Financial Considerations: Finance is an influence on news, especially foreign news ­ it is expensive to
maintain team in a faraway country. So news media rely on 2nd hand information from news agencies e.g.
Reuters. News media is subject to budgetary constraints ­ if too much is spent on one…


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