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1881: Alexander II Russia Timeline 1894: Accession of
assassinated by
`the People's Will'. Nicholas II, who will
1890: Zemstvo be the last Tsar
This leads to the
Act sets up a
introduction of the
network of rural 1891: Construction
councils of the Trans-
`temporary laws'
Siberian Railway
1898: All Russian
1887: University
1893: Under Sergei Social Democratic
Statute restricts
Witte's leadership Workers' Party (SDs)
academic freedoms
Russia experiences of Marxist
Lenin's elder brother
`the Great Spurt' in revolutionaries
executed for his
1885: New strict industrial production formed
involvement in a plot
criminal code to murder Alexander
introduced III…read more

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May: Constitutional October Manifesto
1901: Social Democratic Party issued; Octobrist Party
Revolutionary Party (Kadets) formed under formed
(SRs), a development Paul Milyukov; creates
of Populism formed Union of Unions to December:
under Victor Chernov lead revolutionary Soviets and
1903: SDs split into effort workers groups
Mensheviks (under crushed by army
August: War with
Plekhanov) and
Japan ends
Bolsheviks (under
1904-5: Russo-Japanese Abolition of 1906: Elections
War sees the humiliating Redemption held for first
defeat of Russia dues Duma
June: Potemkin promised First Duma sits,
1902: Lenin publishes Mutiny September: followed by
his pamphlet, `What Is Vyborg Manifesto
Formation of first Witte dismissed
To Be Done', setting Soviets
out his revolutionary as chief minister ­
January: Bloody Sunday replaced by
Stolypin…read more

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1907: Stolypin as 8 July Kerensky
1915: Nicholas II makes 2 March Provisional
chief minister becomes prime
himself commander-in- Government formed
embarks on a minister
chief of the Russian from the Duma
combined policy of 18 July Kornilov
armies committee Nicholas II
political repression becomes
and agrarian reform commander-in-chief
1914: Outbreak of 18-25 February Strikes May Provisional
First World War begins at Putilov Government
factories in Petrograd reorganised;
Kerensky becomes
Minister of War
1912: Fourth Duma 3-6 July Failure of `July
begins. Strikes and Days' Bolshevik uprising
demonstrations against the Provisional
increasing and, by Government. Three
28 February Nicholas
1913, even Duma hundred Bolsheviks
II prevented from
leaders warning of arrested; Lenin flees
returning to Petrograd
new political crisis from Petrograd
3 April Lenin returns to Petrograd
1911: Assassination 1916: Rasputin murdered by after completing his journey
of Stolypin a group of aristocrats across Europe in a sealed train
under German protection…read more

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August Kornilov 24-25 October
begins march on Bolsheviks seize
Petrograd to `restore control of Petrograd 1918 All other
order'; Bolshevik parties were
27 October Lenin announces
prisoners released to banned.
Bolshevik seizure of power to the
help resistance Workers and
Congress of Soviets. Claim to have
7 October Lenin Peasant Red Army
taken power in their name. Almost
secretly returns to established
bloodless in Petrograd, although
Petrograd Forced grain
fighting in Moscow lasts a week and
hundreds killed
10 October Bolshevik 26 October
Central Committee Bolsheviks
commits itself to establish
armed revolution, Sovnarkom with 1918 Start of the
despite doubts Lenin as chairman Russian Civil War ­
25 September 25-26 October War Communism
Bolsheviks gain a Kerensky flees and December Armistice
majority in Petrograd Bolsheviks seize signed at Brest-
Soviet and elect control of Winter Litovsk
Trotsky as chairman Palace…read more

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1925- The Triumvirate split
Oct 1928- First
after accomplishing their 1932-34
1919 Bolshevik 5 Year Plan was
plan to destroy Trotsky's, Widespread
Party renamed created
Stalin joins Bukharin to famine
Communist Party
form the Duumvirate. Apr 1929- Stalin
1921 1928- Stalin declares his victory
Introduction of breaks with over Bukharin
the NEP Bukharin and during a meeting at
1924 Lenin's the NEP the Central
death Committee.
1926-1927- NEP encounters Dec 1929-
1923 Creation of the Forced
Triumvirate - an alliance problems Russia's industry
could not produce any Collectivisat
of Zinoviev, Kamenev and ion was
Stalin. Created to get additional goods to satisfy the
wealthy peasants. Because of ordered.
them of Trotsky as he
was seen as the biggest this the wealthy peasants (aka
1920 End of the Kulaks) saw no reason to sell
threat in their chances of
Russian Civil War their grain as there was
being Lenin's successor.
nothing to buy.…read more

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Jan 1933- Second 5 1941- Russia enters WW2
Year plan was after Hitler breaks the Nazi-
created 1936-1938- The Great Terror Soviet Pact
1936- Trial of Sixteen, trial against Z Jan 1945- Red Army entered
& K for Kirov's murder German territory
1937- Trial of Seventeen, trial Apr- Russian forces had
against anyone in association with reached the outskirts
Trotsky of Berlin
1938- Trial of Twenty One, trial May- Germany surrenders
against Bukharin, Rykov, Yagoda and to USSR
Feb 1937- Nov 1938-
Stalin begins purging 1946- Cold War
the Red Army begins
1934-1936- The Awakening Terror 1953- Stalin dies
Feb 1934- Congress of Victors
July 1934- Yagoda is made head of May 1942- Official
alliance between the Revolutions
the NKVD
Dec 1934- Kirov is assassinated, UK, USA and USSR Fight for
marks the beginning of the Great power
Terror 1938- Third 5 year plan Purges
Jan 1935- Z & K are arrested for begins…read more







Hi! This is amazing! I couldn't find out anything about the 1885 new criminal code, could you tell me some of the things it included? Thank you!!

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