Tsarist Russia 1855-1917 timeline

A timeline of all the important date and events that happend between 1855 - 1917 which you might need to know :)

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185356: Crimean war
1855: Alexander II's reign begins
1861: Emancipation of the Serfs
186274: Army and Navy reforms
1863: Polish Revolt
1864: Zemstva formed
1866: Alexander II turns reactionary
1870: Introduction of the Duma
187778: RussoTurkish War
March 13st 1881: LorisMelikov Proposals
March 13st 1881: Alexander II assassinated by the `Peoples Will'
1881: Alexander III succeeds Alexander II
1881: Pogroms
1883: Peasant Land Bank
188792: Vyshnegradsky was finance minister
1889: Land Captains created
189102: Great famine kills 500,000 people
18921903: Witte as finance minister
1894: Death of Alexander III
1894: Nicholas II comes to power
1898: Social Democratic Workers' Party formed
1901: Social Revolutionaries formed (SR)
1903: Social Democrats splits ­ Bolsheviks & Mensheviks
190305: Red Cockerel
190405: RussoJapanese War
January 19th 1905: Bloody Sunday
October 1905: St Petersburg Soviet formed
October 1905: October Manifesto
190611: Stolypin's agrarian reforms
MayJuly 1906: 1st Duma
FebruaryJune 1907: 2nd Duma
November 1907June 1912: 3rd Duma
November 19121917: 4th Duma
November 1911: Stolypin assassinated
1912: Lena Goldfields massacre
March 1st 191418: WW1
26 August 1914: Russia defeated at the battle of Tannenburg
6th September: Nicholas assumed command of the military
JanuaryFebruary 1914: Strike and civil unrest in Petrograd
1917: Petrograd Soviet formed
23 February 1817: International Women's Day march turns into a workers' demonstration
27 February 1917: Nicholas loses support of the army
1st March 1917: Provisional Government formed
2nd March 1917: Nicholas II abdicates
3rd April: Lenin returns and produced April Theses
34th July 1917: July Days
2425 October 1917: Bolsheviks take over key buildings in Petrograd
2527 October 1917: Provisional Government members arrested & Bolsheviks coup
1918: Nicholas II and his family are executed


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