Russia Timeline 1855-1924

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Russia Timeline 18551924
1855 Alexander II becomes Tsar
1861 Serfs emancipated
1864 Zemstva created
1865 Alexander makes legal reform
1881 Alexander II murdered and Alexander III becomes Tsar
1891 Famine takes place
1892 Witte becomes Finance Minister and The Great Spurt begins.
Poor harvest
1894 Nicholas II becomes Tsar
1896 Hand outs of food and mugs by Tsar ends in a stampede
1898 SD Party founded
1899 Industrial slump
1901 SR Party founded
Poor harvest
1904 RussoJapanese War
1905 JanuaryBloody Sunday
February Uprising in Kursk region
Witte becomes Prime Minister
1905 Revolution
September 20 General strike
October 30
October Railway Strike
October Manifesto
December 3rd St. Petersburg Soviet closed
1906 Stolypin becomes Prime Minister
Fundamental law issued
April First Duma elected
November 9 Peasants can leave communes without commune permission 1907
February Second Duma elected
November Third Duma elected
1907 January 1 Redemption payments end
1911 Stolypin murdered
1912 April Lena Goldfield Massacre
November Fourth Duma elected
1914 WWI starts
1915 ZEMGOR founded
July Failed Gorlice ­ Tarnov Offensive
1916 Rasputin murdered
1917 January 9 Commemorative strike for Bloody Sunday
31 Strikes across Russia
February Revolution
Provisional Government created
14th 100,000 workers strike in Petrograd
19th Petrograd authorities announce bread rationing from March 1st
23rd International Women's Day demonstrations in Petrograd
24th Strikes continue and Soviets start to open
25th By now 200000 are on strike in Petrograd as Cossacks try to
control the crowds.

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Russia Timeline 18551924
26th Tsar employs force to overcome crowds, casualties ensued and
troops mutiny. Duma suspended.
27 Petrograd garrison mutinies joining the protestors. The Duma
refuses to split.
28 Tsar stuck in Pskov as he tries to get to Petrograd.…read more


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