Russia in 1903: A Status Report

A letter like report of Russia situation in 1903. I got a B on this.

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Pedro Tamaroff Senior I
"Russia 1903: A status report."
Your Majesty,
I feel that I must submit this report in order to warn you about the state of your country.
I am first of all concerned about your government. Firstly, the government departments are not willing to
cooperate and are constantly fighting with each other, which isn't good for your government, since it
causes chaos among them. Secondly, I must say you would be better of if you delegated your tasks to
your officials and thought about improving the way you manage them. Moreover, I have to say that
corruption is evident: many important members of your government are making huge fortunes from
You should also be concerned about the peasants in Russia. Although they are loyal to you they suffer
badly. Their living conditions are poor. Peasants live among filth and disgrace and they do not have basic
education. I'd say that they would like to have a better life in the Russia, or they may start questioning the
I have been told Russia is not a fair society. Peasants' living conditions contrast sharply with those of the
aristocracy. Aristocrats represent 1.5% of the society and own 25% of Russia's lands. They live in
luxurious homes while peasants, who represent 80% of all Russian population, do not even have a decent
home to live or basic food supply. If the Social Democratic Party's ideologies get to our peasants we
would face a huge opposition.
The workers in the towns are often no better than the peasants. Working conditions are atrocious: they
receive low pays and often work around unguarded machinery and are treated brutally. I've personally
seen children work too, who said to work up to 15 hours a day.
Last but not least, you should be aware that there are various groups within Russia that oppose you. I am
mostly worried about the Socialist Revolutionaries, who believe revolution is the answer to the people's
trouble. They believe in a violent struggle and are responsible for the assassination of two government
officials and several Okhrana agents and spies. The next group I'm worried about is the liberals, who
want a parliament to be included in Russia and greater democracy. The last group is the Social
Democratic Party which support the ideas of Karl Marx, a communist writer and political thinker.
Nothing hurts me more than writing this letter but I feel it's your right to know Russia's situation
The Minister.


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