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Adaptation to Survive in Polar Climates:
Finding Food
Keeping Warm
Challenges People
+ Animals Face
Adapted to
Finding a
Hiding from
Plants have to
adapt to the
weather…read more

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How Polar Bears have Adapted:
Small ears to
area to
reduce heat
sense of
Powerful sight and
legs to smell to
swim long help hunt
distances prey
Long claws to
grip ice and
hold prey
Wide paws to
Thick fur keeps them spread weight
warm over ice
Animals = fauna…read more

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How Plants Have Adapted:
Small and grow close
Hard to to the ground
find protecting from cold
Many have nutrients temperatures and the
shallow roots strong winds
as only the
top soil has
thawed out,
the rest is Some
permafrost are
(always dark to
frozen) absorb
quickly to
growing Shortage
Some live of water
inside the
Plants = flora…read more

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How People Have Adapted:
Modern houses are
built above ground to
Use of prevent snow building
skidoos as up Roofs are
the main sloping to
form of prevent snow
transport building up
All pipes are Cars are left
above ground running.
because the Special
ground is too heaters are
frozen. They plugged into
use anemical them to keep
Roads aren't
toilets, for the battery
tarmac or
example. warm.
paved to
cracking http://www.youtube.com/watch?
v=MF8J8QFinBc…read more

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Global Threats: Polar Region
Permafrost ground melting could result in meaning many inuits would
have to leave there homes.
Sea ice is melting, this means that it is difficult for the inuits to
find seals as the ice is not frozen.
Rising sea levels mean people have to move further away from the
An increase in temperature could mean a higher chance of oil
exploration and mining. Although there would be more job
opportunities for people in the area, this would destroy natural
surroundings and have an impact on their culture.…read more

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