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Human tourist attraction in Leicester?
National Space Centre
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Physical tourist attraction in Leicester?
Abbey Park
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Define Mass Tourism
Large numbers of people visiting at the same place
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Define Domestic Tourism
People travelling within the country
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Define inbound Tourism
Visiting from another country
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Define Outbound Tourism
People travelling out the Country
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Define a package holiday
Travel and accommodation are included for one price
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Two reasons for growth in tourism
More Disposable Income and Paid holidays from work
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What type of tourism is mostly in Leicester- Human or Physical?
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Name a job directly linked to tourism
Travel Guide
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Name a job indirectly linked to tourism
Taxi Driver
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Name a National Park
Peak District
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What is a honey pot site
Area which attracts more tourists
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Name a problem with living in a national park
Housing is Expensive
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Name two activities you can do in Dubai
Scuba Diving, Shopping
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State 2 environmental impacts of global tourism to Dubai
Large Carbon Footprint, Fuel for 4X4
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Define Eco-Tourism
People visting Fragile Places
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Environmental Positive of Eco-Tourism
Money for conservation
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Social positive of eco-tourism
Employment opportunities
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Define Extreme Tourism
Involves dangerous landscapes
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Two activities tourists can do in Antarctica
Cruises, Scuba Diving
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Name one activity that is banned in Antarctica
military activities banned
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2 impacts of Tourism in Antarctica
Invasion from alien species, Scaring the animals away
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Define Dark Tourism
Travelling to sites which have a history of death
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Name 2 Dark Tourism Locations
Pompeii, Ground Zero
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State a positive of dark tourism
Learning the experience
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State a negative of dark tourism
Damage to sites
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How can virtual reality (VR) could affect tourism in the future
Tourism might reduce
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Cycle 1 and 2
State one impact of the medieval warm period on Europe
Wine Grapes grown in Northern England
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What Latitude is the polar region found on
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One impact of Global sea level rise
streets ruined
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One natural cause of climate change
sun spots
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Name the 4 layers of the Earth
Inner core, Outer core, mantle, crust
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What happens at a destructive plate boundary?
Plates go under
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Name a global impact of a super volcano eruption
Makes the Earth climate colder
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What is the name of the measure of hurricane strength
Saffron Simpson Scale
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Does El Nino bring drought or flood to Oceania (Australia)
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Physical tourist attraction in Leicester?


Abbey Park

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Define Mass Tourism


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Define Domestic Tourism


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Define inbound Tourism


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