Revision Notes on the Different Ideological Traditions of Liberalism

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Summary of the Different Forms of Liberalism
Classical New liberalism Welfare Contemporary Libertarianism
Liberty of the Social obligation State-sponsored Greater Restricted state,
individual welfare schemes economic largely confined
Positive liberty equality/justice to defence and
Individuals free State regulation of
to pursue Promotion of management of Reform to control currency
self-interests choice and the economy state power
opportunity Abolition of laws
Tolerance of Greater More popular that restrict
different beliefs, Equality of concentration on democracy choice of lifestyle
religions and opportunity equality of and personal
cultures opportunity Decentralisation morality
Limited welfare
Minimal gov't provision Freedom from Environmentalism Minimal law and
social deprivation order protection
Free-market Defence of group
rights A completely
Representative free market
democracy Promote worker economy with no
and consumer regulation
Tolerant social
and law and
order policies
Measures to
improve social


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