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November 2008…read more

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· In 1959 a revolution in Cuba led to the dictator
Batista who was supported by the USA, being
replaced by Castro who was a communist
· In 1961 the Americans supported an attempt to
overthrow Castro which failed at The Bay of Pigs.
· Castro became friendly with the USSR who began
to supply Cuba with arms.
· In 1916 an American U2 spy plane took
photographs of nuclear missile sites being built by
the Soviets.
· Missiles on Cuba were a worry because all of
Americas big cities were in their range…read more

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· President Kennedy of the USA had to take
action, but what action should he take.
· The American president decided to blockade
· If Khrushchev's ships would have carried on
to Cuba this would have resulted in Nuclear
· The problem was that the USA had missiles
in Turkey (pointing at the USSR) so the
USSR thought that it was okay for them to
have the missiles in Cuba
· The crisis ended when Khrushchev agreed to
dismantle the missile sites as long as the USA…read more

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· Both sides could claim victory for the war.
USA because they forced USSR to back
down. USSR because they had kept peace
and still had an ally in Cuba.
· After signing the Test Ban policy, there was a
hot link set up between USSR and USA .…read more

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