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The Western Rebellion - Causes
of church
Archdeaconry of Cornwall in
property met
with hostility
(a favour by Thomas Winter
Wolsey's illegitimate son)
An William
unscrupulous Body Arrived at
and avaricious
careerist Helston 6th April
1547. Murdered
by a mob led by
Martin Geffrey,
Government agent
the priest of St
under Thomas
Cromwell…read more

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The Western Rebellion - Causes
Introduced Wrote the
Edwardian Extremely "Book of
Reformation Protestant common
Protector Ordered the Thomas Archbishop
Somerset destruction of Cramer of
religious Canterbury
Developed new
standards in areas A leader of
such as the the English
Closing down Eucharist, clerical reformation
of Chantries celibacy, images in
worship and
veneration of
saints…read more

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The Western Rebellion - Causes
Bread instead of
Objection towards new Restoration
wafers at mass.
prayer book of abbey
Latin to be
retained Cornish liturgy to
be in Cornish (not
Age of
Religious Latin or English)
for children Parish Clergy's greed
with money for
Act of Six All books of scripture
Articles to be in English should be Medieval religious practices (Five
reinposed called in Wounds of Christ, prayers for
deceased member's souls)…read more

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The Western Rebellion - Causes
Treason act
Food price
Poll tax on of 1534 to be
sheep restored
Henry VIII's
statutes to be
Tax on the enforced until
Act of Edward came
sale of Economical Uniformity of age
woollen cloth
Limitation on
Rumours of
the number of
other animal
Enclosure of servants to be
taxes e.g.
Geese and pigs common Other employed by
lands gentlemen…read more

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The Western Rebellion - Events
23 June
10th June The rebel
21st June
1549 army makes
Local priest camp and 24th June ­
Sir Peter
from fortified the 29th June 2nd July
Carew along
Sampford bridge on the 1549 Rebels turn
tried to
Courtney Exeter Road. Protector back to
reason with
forced to Sir Thomas Somerset Exeter.
the rebels.
deify the Denys and Sir wrights a Leadership
This inflamed
government Hugh Pollard letter to Lord now consisted
the situation.
by a group of attempt to Russell of 3 Cornish
angry negotiate, sending him a gentry and 3
forces set fire
villagers who they small force to Devon gentry
to a rebel
were sympathise. deal with the and 3
barns. Carew
unhappy Peter Carew, rebels. commoners.
fled to Exeter
with the new Peter
then onto
Whitsunday Courtenay
London after.
service and the
sheriff do not.…read more

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The Western Rebellion - Events
nd 10th July
2 July
Somerset took 12th July
2,000 rebels
the rebellion 1549 18th July
advanced in 28th July
seriously and Somerset 1549
procession on 1549
sent troops to reported to Russell's army
Exeter. They Russell begins
help Lord Russell that Lord consisted of
carried the his advance.
Russell end the Grey's men that 1,000 footmen
banner of the Battle
rebellion. he had promised and 700 horses.
five wounds of commenced
Religious Russell were sent Help from Lord
Christ, censers at Fenny
groups were to deal with an Warwick was
and the pyx. Bridges. 300
formed in the issue in redirected to
The mayor rebels were
city. The Oxfordshire and the Kett's
refused to killed.
Catholics tried Buckinghamshire. rebellion.
support them.
to help the
The siege of
rebels but
Exeter began
were caught.…read more

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