Revision cards for studies on relationships

Revision cards which can be printed and stuck back to back to create revision cards. Has some but not all of the studies which can be used in relation to the various topics within relationships, colour coded.

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Asked people to rate Are rewards i
experimenter. Rating was Asked people
Griffitt and highest when positively their relations
evaluated by experimenter. Cate of reward lev
Guay that reward le
to have sat
Suggested dissimilarity
Criticism. Re
Rosenbau more important than
similarity ­ found that similarity is
couples broke up if they Yoshida personality a
m found to be dissimilar cover app
Participants as
Women tend to stay in members of o
Rusbult abusive relationships ­ those wh
because the price of Simpson relationships
and Martz leaving outweighs staying mar
Not everything about
economic gain ­ communal Asked 200 cou
Clark and relationships based around Stafford equity and
person's needs satisfaction. S
Mills and Canary highest for `
Extramarital affairs: asked
students to rate various Little decr
reasons for cheating, men Holt and relationships
Boekhurst thought sexual reasons if couples saw
worse, women thought Stone regula
emotional worse

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Surveyed recently single
undergrads ­ experienced Propositions ­
Tashiro and personal growth as well as Clarke and would straigh
emotional distress ­ sex with perso
Frazier supports model Hatfield 75% men
Cross cultural
US study of lap dancers 37 cultures. W
during menstrual cycle.…read more

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