Safety in the garden

<strong>      Remove poisonous plants

</strong>      Fences should not be broken

<strong>      Remove animals faeces

</strong>      Keep garden tools and chemical locked

<strong>      Lock gates

</strong>      Rubbish bins



Children learn through




Asking questions and observing


Conditions needed for intellectual development are:

Healthy diet

Love and security

Opportunity to play


Information explained and questions answered


Being out in the fresh air improves their appetite and promotes sleep at night. It also improves intellectual development. It encourages gross motor skills and muscles. It promotes social skills as they interact with people.


Sunlight gives vitamin D


Symptoms of a child who need a GP:

TEMPERATURE above 39 degrees

Passing no urine for 12 hours

Severe headache

Severe cough

A purple red rash

Blood in stool



Children need extra love when ill

Lots of comfort

Plenty of water

Activities to keep then entertained

Visit from family


These reflex actions are present at birth and disappear by three months

Sucking and swallowing reflex_ anything placed in the mouth will be sucked


Rootling_ when touched on the check babies will turn towards the side being touched


Walking reflex- when babies are held upright on a flat surface they make a walking move


Falling reflex- a movement that affect the babies neck will make baby fell as if that want to fall so they will open their hand wide open and bring them back


Grasp reflexes – any object that is placed in the hand is grasp tightly



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