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People may turn to prayer when they are going through difficult times. If
they think God responds to them, then this strengthens belief in God.
These experiences are often described as miracles,
or numinous experiences.
Examples of religious experiences and how it may lead to belief in God
Miracle ­ People who experienced a miracle are convinced that only
God could have done this. It proves to them that God exists, and
strengthens belief for believers. Bernadette and her vision of the
Virgin Mary in Lourdes
Answered Prayer ­ This provides the person who prayed with evidence
that God exists because he answered the prayer. The praying of Jonah
in the whale (he gets spouted out when God answers his prayer)
Numinous Exp. ­ When people are overwhelmed by a being that Is
greater than themselves. They believe that this experience is so powerful
that it must be God. The idea of the Holy ­ Rudolph Otto "The
Numinous is the essence of religion"
Conversion ­ This is when people who didn't believe in God before are
confronted with a decision as to whether or not they should believe in
God. It may occur though an event or person, and the experience is life
changing. St Paul on the way to Damascus
Many people believe that the universe and world were designed rather
than just happen by accident through the Big Bang.
This designer was God.
Paley's Watch - Design Argument
If someone who did not know anything about a watch, and found one on
a heath, they would presume that the watch must have a designer. It was
argued that the watch is like the earth. So intricate that it must have had
a designer, and that this designer is God, and proving that God exists.
Causation Argument

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Scientific Explanations of the Origins of the World
The most popular scientific theory is the Big Bang. Charles Darwin
concluded that over millions of years, animals and insects evolved to
survive. Modern scientists say that apes have similar genetic makeup to
humans. These theories lead to the doubt of God because they are
supported by solid evidence.…read more

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Evil and suffering is a test God is testing believers as to how they may
from God. react. Some may reject God, and others will
grow closer to God and grow as a person.
Evil is not God's fault ­ We are not programmed like robots and
humans have free will. therefore can choose to inflict suffering
upon other people and vice versa.
God knows why these things Gods ultimate plan may include us
haoppen but we cannot. suffering. God has the answer, we don't.…read more

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Roman Catholic The resurrectionof the The resurrection of Jesus
body and the immortality The teachings of the new
of the soul. Any Christian testament
who has not sinned since The teaching in the
their last confession. catechism of the Catholic
Purgatory is where Church.
Christians can repent. Any They believe that Jesus is
souls who do not believe in seated at the right hand of the
God or have committed father and will come to judge
serious sins will go to Hell.…read more

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Abortion can take place up to the 24th week of pregnancy if two doctors
It can take place if: - A risk to the woman's life
If the baby is likely to be handicapped
If the woman is going to have mental damage
Beliefs for abortion
Some people believe that mothers should make their own choice about
whether or not they should have an abortion.…read more

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Christian Attitudes to Euthanasia
Most Christians believe it is wrong:
Taking away of life is murder
God created man in his own image
Even if someone says they want to die, no-one has the authority to
take their life
Terminally ill patients can still worship God
No person should value themselves worthless
Some Christians would allow powerful painkillers (which shorten life)
Would allow a better quality of life
Why Christians work to end world poverty
It's taught in the bible ­ "Love thy neighbour as…read more

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Some Christians feel that the bible is out of touch with modern
day values
They also think that cohabitation is ok, because it's like a trial
The purpose of marriage
Have lawful, fulfilling sex
Be faithful to one partner and unite the couple for life
Have children
Form a safe and secure environment for children
Provide love and companionship
Symbolise God's love for the Church
Christian attitudes to divorce
Roman Catholics do not allow divorce because:
o Jesus said it was wrong
o Marriage…read more

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Care for them properly
Teach them how to live and to accept accept authority
Teach them about god
Baptise their child and bring them up in a happy godly home…read more


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