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Islamic unit 11
Section 4 ­ Living the Muslim life ;)
Lamise Hassan…read more

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Concepts of halal and haram
Dar-ul-Islam The abode of Islam/lands ruled by the Shari'ah
Halal That which is permitted or lawful
Haram That which is forbidden or unlawful…read more

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s of haram
The and
halal are of significant
The and
halal are
of significant
The and
halal are
of significant
haram and halal are significa
becauseto observing
Muslims halal
and haram
to MuslimsHalal
and Haram
were followed
because and
they are commanded by
slim of the
of Allah
by the
in the Quran
and all
obeying Allah enables th
ot just a religion, it's
thea fellowship
way of life.
between Muslims.
should follow histoexample.
lead a good life and bring rewards.
haram? ( 8 marks)
What is the significance of halal and…read more

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Greater/lesser jihad and the
"The hardest jihad is the struggle for goodness
( greater jihad) in ones life"
effects on Muslims life.
(6 marks)
Greater jihad The struggle to overcome evil in ones own life.
Lesser jihad Struggle in the cause of Islam to overcome injustice in
Yes, I agree with this statement. Firstly in Some Muslim may disagree with me and say
society there are several temptations of that fighting in a holy war ( lesser jihad ) is
haram things. For example, Taco Bell, the much harder. Firstly in a holy war, a lot of
popular American Mexican restaurant is not fighting is involved and it could result in
halal. However this restaurant is very serious injury or even death. A person
popular and "cool" place to hang out for bleeding to death, for example, is much
American teens. It is extremely hard for more difficult then choosing not to go to
Muslims to avoid this temptation as it Taco Bell. Secondly in greater jihad you are
literally is everywhere. Secondly greater surrounded by your family, who are most
jihad is a fight that you do for your whole probably also Muslim and can offer you
life- there is no break from avoiding haram support. In a holy war you are alone; there is
and staying on the right path. no one to help.…read more

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The meaning and significance of
Islamic birth rituals
Aqiqa The birth ceremony forAqiqa
Muslim takes place 7 days after
birth- abbey is names, head is
The adhanQur'anic school attached
is whispered to the
shaved mosque.
and money is given to
into the right and charity. This is significant
iqamah into left of the because the baby is welcomed
babies ear by the father to the family of Islam ; shaving
or male head of family. the head follows the prophet
and money is given to share
This is significant as
joy of child with the poor
the first words that
the baby is hearing is At about 4 years old, the child
Allah is great ; this begins madrassah where
sets the scene for the he/she begins to learn about
rest of their life. Islam. This is significant
because it teaches the child
how to be a full and serving
member of the ummah and
not be in "blind faith".…read more

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What are the significance of these rituals to Muslims?
(8 marks)
For Muslims there is
extra joy as they are
increasing the ummah
and obey Allah's wish
of pro-creation.
The ceremonies draw Everything that takes
attention to the belief place in the first 7 days
that the baby should of a baby's life is
have the opportunity to following the sunnah of
grow up Muslims. the Prophet.
The ceremonies centre
the attention of the
family/community to
bring up the baby as a
good Muslim.…read more

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Miss KHP


Good tool. The pictures work for understanding the content, however, there were  many slides that were difficult to read because of overlapping information.  

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