Religious Studies 6 Topics

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  • Religious Studies
    • Topic 1:  Belief about Deity
      • Christians describe God as 'beyond human understandin
      • They may see God as impersonal (mysterious and holy) or personal (a friend)
      • We must have spiritual eyes to speak to God
      • See God as the Trinity; made of 3 parts.
        • Father: transcendent creator
        • Son: Jesus who is immanent and personal (came to Earth and lived a human life)
        • Holy Spirit: Immanent, impersonal - God inspires and guides Christians everyday
    • Topic 2: Religious and Spiritual Experience
      • Christians may express their belief in God in different ways like meditating, praying, attending religious services.
      • The eucharist is to celebrate mass, holy communion, lord's supper or breaking of the bread.
        • Inspired by the last supper where Jesus shared bread and wine with his diciples before he was crucified.
    • Topic 3: The End of Life
      • God gave the 'breath of life' to Adam which is breathing the soul into the first human.
      • The soul is a non-physical part of a person that lives on when a person dies.
      • "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" - Genesis 1:27
      • Many people believe the idea that the soul is linked to your conscience.
      • Christian teaching is that one day Jesus will return to Earth, this event is called the 'second coming' and is the time God will judge everyone.
      • Heaven, Hell or Purgatory depending on how you have lived without sin.
      • Many believe animals do not have souls and will not live on.
      • Salvation or Redemption - Jesus saves sinners and offers them a place in Heaven
      • Funeral Rites Eulogy: life of the deceased is remembered, the deceased is with God and reminds of resurrection
    • Topic 4: Good and Evil
      • Moral Evil: the deeds or behaviour of people which seem to be cruel or uncaring
      • Natural Evil: natural events such as volcanoes, floods and hurricanes which harm or kill people.. why God has allowed it
      • Some people may argue that a good God would not allow evil
      • Jesus was nailed to the cross and was left to die, he then asked God, his father to forgive them
        • "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" - Luke 23:24
    • Topic 5: Religion, Reason and Revelation
      • God created the humans last to signify their place and to show they were his ultimate creation.
      • Conversion: A religious experience that causes a person to change their behaviour or beliefs.
      • GENERAL or SPECIAL revelation can deepen someone's faith
      • Literalist view: some christians may take every word from the bible as they believe every word was inspired by God's guidance of the writer.
    • Topic 6: Religion and Science
      • God created the Earth and on day 6 he created all living creatures.
        • Humans and Animals were created on the same day which suggests we are equal, this contrasts against the idea that Animals do not have a soul.
      • No evidence for religion but that could be the cause of science
      • Science says universe was created by big bang = expansion and contraction of particles and gases.
        • Creationists say God is the creator and breathed life into Adam and our task on Earth is to look after it.


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