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Religion and human experiences:

Topic 1: Religion and Conflict

Key Concepts:

Conflict: Confrontation between people for
example because of relationship or law

Interfaith Dialogue: Different faith groups
talking to each other. There are many
examples of interfaith networks locally and
nationally, help smooth out

Just War: A war justified…

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Through interfaith dialogue and people talking to each another
Peace possible if they look to their faith and practise it

How can good relationships be developed?

Respect each another faith work to gather and get along
Know that people are different

How can communities work together?
Planning and organising of…

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Denomination favour nonviolence Jesus taught and showed it
Christians are expected to stand for injustice

It is the command of Allah to live on peace justice and brotherhood
Reconciliation and forgiveness are taught in the Qur'an
Sometimes it may be necessary to use force and fighting when striving for…

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Most religions have some teaching about the just us of force in certain
circumstances for example the Just war and Lesser Jihad
Unless there is some direct action to make people know you are
serious nonviolent protests achieve nothing
On the other hand
Nonviolent protests can gain media attention that…

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On the one hand:
Ones a person has been forgiven they could just as easily do the same
thing again and just expect to be forgiven again
If everyone forgave and did nothing evil will still continue
On the other hand
Forgiveness restores relationships and helps the community to

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Religions teach that all life involves some kind of suffering
Suffering seemed as a way of taking part in the saving work of Christ.

Topic 2: Religion and Medicine

Key Concepts

Conscience: An inner voice that keeps a person on the right track some
religions see this as god given…

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What are the moral issues a couple must consider in life and death

When does life begin?
Who can end another's life?
Are we playing God in trying to make these decisions?

8 Mark Question:
`Religion shouldn't play a part in medical ethics'

On the one hand:
Religious scriptures…

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Religious believers will look for principles or values to apply to a particular

8 Mark Question:

"Religion only hinders a person making a decision in medical ethics"

On the one hand:
Religion gives people a structure of principle and value that guides them
in making all sorts of decisions…

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On the one hand:

The ten commands say "Thou shalt not kill"
Religious teaching make euthanasia wrong
It could hurt others in the family

On the other hand:
Some medical conditions lead to degeneration of the body so euthanasia
is a way to preserve the quality of life
Sometimes it…

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Pilgrimage: A journey to a place of special religious significance such as

Sacred: Something special that is dedicated to god and should be
respected e.g. holy books

Issues about to consider:

Expressing faith through what is worn:

No requirements for all Christians but believers may make a personal…


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