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Religious attitudes towards cloning,
Stem cell research and embryology…read more

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· All life is tied to the cycle of birth, death and
rebirth (Samsara) and therefore life has begun
before conception in an earlier existence
­ This suggests that even if embryos are killed, it
doesn't matter so much as the cycle will continue
and they will live another life
­ However, this could suggest that these
procedures must not be performed on embryos as
they are considered as alive, and so have the right
to human rights…read more

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· Some Buddhists do not believe that embryos
embody the five skandhas, which are form,
feelings, perceptions, thoughts and
­ These are 5 aspects that they believe make a
· With this, they may believe that embryos should not be
considered as living
· However, the embryo does have the potential to
develop the skandhas…read more

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· Some believe that life begins at the moment when
the sperm and egg unite to become a zygote, and
not before
· It's important to consider the motives of the
­ If the procedures are going to benefit a lot of people,
then it's a good motive and so a skilful action
­ If however, the procedures are seen as selfish, such as
cloning dictators to rule people in an even more
severe manner, then it's an unskilful action- it's selfish
especially as it won't benefit others…read more

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· The motive to remove suffering is good,
however, this could lead to the destruction of
life, which is considered as bad
­ Have to therefore weigh up the good with the bad
to come to a decision about what should happen
· If many more `meaningful' lives are going to be saved
than lives that aren't so `meaningful' lost, then the
procedures should go ahead
· However, if more potential lives are going to be lost
than those gained, then they should not be performed…read more

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· To be able to clone, it involves removing cells nuclei or
genetic material from one being, to produce another
­ This could be considered as stealing, and therefore seen as
· The first two Precepts are relevant and should
therefore be considered when making the decision
about what should happen
­ Precept 1- you should refrain from harming
­ Precept 2- you should refrain from stealing
· If one or both of these are broken, Buddhists may encourage you
to rethink about your potential actions or find a method that isn'
t so bad…read more

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