Religious and Spiritual Experience - Islam

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Religious and Spiritual Experience
The concept of worship
Islam means peace and submission
In order to worship Allah, Muslims must submit their whole lives to him in every way
Why do Muslims worship Together?
Worshipping together gives Muslims a sense of unity with their own community and with
other Muslims around the world
It gives them a feeling of tradition, when they worship in the same way as Muslims form the
It helps them to get along with each other and to find peaceful ways of resolving
It gives them the opportunity to learn from each other
Members of a community can help each other in difficult times
And bow your heads with those who bow down(in worship)
The Ka'bah
Most holy site of worship in Islam
This was where Adam built the first shrine Allah, and where Ibrahim was commanded to make
a house
All Muslims face this when they pray
Worship in Mosque
Known as the Masjid
Recognised by a dome, a minaret and sometimes a crescent and star symbol
Features include :
o A place to leave shoes ­ a sign of respect
o A place for washing ­ wudhu
o A player hall
o Kiblah and mihrab ­ Indicates the Kiblah, emptiness reflects the
emptiness of Kabah
o Minibar ­ Shows that everyone is important as they all hear the
o Minaret ­ Symbolizes the call to prayer and light and truth of Islam,
dome represents the heavens and Allah's creation.
o Dome- represents universe created by Allah.
MADRASAH- Arabic school
WOMEN'S HALL- both genders allowed to concentrate fully on Allah. Shows equality in Islam
PRAYER HALL- Not many people would sit in Allah's presence so few seats
CALLIGRAPHY- Arabic writing to make beautiful art without pictures

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Why don't Muslims use Symbols in Worship?
Muslims are monotheistic
Tawhid - Allah is unique and nothing compares to Him
Symbols could mislead people into thinking that Allah is easy to understand or people
might believe that they can create things as good as Allah.…read more

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Why do Muslims pray?
It is a religious duty- Allah has commanded them to do so, and as life is just a test by Allah, it
is important for Muslims to perform all religious duties
God listens ­ Muslims believe that Allah is all powerful and he listens to all prayers and
responds to them
By means of them God washes away all sins
It gives them a chance to express their concerns- Many Muslims believe that praying helps
them to cope with everyday life…read more

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Then prostration is done, and after that the worshipper says words of blessing to show that
they are all one community praying together
Fasting and Ramadan
Essential part of religious life for Muslims
Ramadan is most holy month as it was when Quran was given to Muhammad (pbuh) from
Special efforts are to be made in this special month
Fasting is done during hours of daylight
One of five pillars of Islam:
"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you, as it was…read more

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Reptiles and Insects Fish
Animals not killed by the right procedure Plants (nontoxic)
Alcohol Vegetables
Various nuts
Wheat and Barley
Permitted animals
Tasmiyyah-by the name of Allah.…read more


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