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Religious and Spiritual Experience

The concept of worship
Islam means peace and submission
In order to worship Allah, Muslims must submit their whole lives to him in every way

Why do Muslims worship Together?
Worshipping together gives Muslims a sense of unity with their own community and with
other Muslims…

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Why don't Muslims use Symbols in Worship?
Muslims are monotheistic
Tawhid - Allah is unique and nothing compares to Him
Symbols could mislead people into thinking that Allah is easy to understand or people
might believe that they can create things as good as Allah. This is Shirk:
o The…

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Why do Muslims pray?
It is a religious duty- Allah has commanded them to do so, and as life is just a test by Allah, it
is important for Muslims to perform all religious duties
God listens ­ Muslims believe that Allah is all powerful and he listens to all…

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Then prostration is done, and after that the worshipper says words of blessing to show that
they are all one community praying together

Fasting and Ramadan
Essential part of religious life for Muslims
Ramadan is most holy month as it was when Quran was given to Muhammad (pbuh) from

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Reptiles and Insects Fish
Animals not killed by the right procedure Plants (nontoxic)
Alcohol Vegetables
Various nuts
Wheat and Barley
Permitted animals

Tasmiyyah-by the name of Allah. Said when slaughtering animal

Eat halal

O you who believe! Eat of the good things which we have provided you and give…


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