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    • The Shahadah - first pillar of islam (declaration of faith) , shows acceptance of allah and muhammad
      • "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."
      • Demonstrates their loyalty to Allah, Muhammad and Islam.
      • Important because it contains the basic beliefs of being a Muslim - acceptance of oneness of Allah and Muhammad being the messenger.
      • Important because all other pillars are based around concept of the belief in Allah.
      • Said before death to demonstrate commitment to Islam.
      • Whispered into ears of new born babies so it is the first thin they hear
    • Purpose of 10 Obligatory acts
      • guides muslims on how they should live their lives
      • allows muslims to get closer to allah by doing the actions he wants them to
      • Helps them achieve the reward of paradise by following Allah's rules.
      • helps them continuously focus actions in their lives towards Allah
    • Hajj - annual pilgrimage around Makkah
      • important at as it one of five pillars. Helps them to recognise all Muslims are equal. It is a struggle to complete Hajj but it teaches them to be patient and gives time to reflect on Allah and their faith.
      • Stones are thrown at pillars to symbolise rejecting the devil
      • they run between the hills of Safa and Marwa searching for water in the desert
      • Have to be physically fit and financially stable
      • difficult to have a personal experience due to large numbers (2 mill a year)
    • Zakah and Khums - giving of money to charity. Khums - a religious tax
      • giving 2.5% of ones wealth to charity each year
      • done to obey Allah and shows everything a Muslim owns comes from Allah and to support the ides of sharing.
      • zakah importance (sunni) - it is a duty, wealth is a gift from Allah that should be shared. helps muslims to grow spiritually and fres them from greed and selfishness.
      • Khums importance (Shia) - gives special recognition to Muhammad. used to help build islamic chools and projects.
    • importance of greater Jihad - an act of sacrifice for Allah. involved giving up time money skill to resist any temptation they may face. Shows how Muslims should live life as Allah intended . helps them develop self discipline, compassion and honesty.
      • LESSER -  Outer struggle to defend Islam. (Holy war)
      • GREATER - inner struggle to be a better muslim and closer to allah by: studying the Quran, doing good deeds, attending mosque regulary, resisting temtation, greed and envy.


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