Religion and Society : Environmental and Medical issues

Information sheet on Environmental and Medical Issues (Christian and Muslim views) From the Edexcel book Religion and Society Third Edition by Victor W Watton.

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Shannon Brown

Religion: Environmental and medical issues

Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

The Greenhouse effect

Caused by human activity
Burning of fossil fuels (Produces CO2)
CO2 causes heat to get through but not out causing the Earth's rise in temperature

Natural Climate Change

Warmest period happened 10,000 years before…

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Shannon Brown

Increased use of public transport. Trains are the lowest carbon emission form of transport
whereas planes being the highest

Forms of pollution and their possible solutions

Acid Rain

Sweden and Germany are being destroyed by acid rain coming from the UK
Acid Rain is caused by the burning…

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Shannon Brown

Fertile land producing food
Oil seed rape
Sugar can ( energy for cars)
Soft wood

Finite or non-renewable resources

Natural gas
Hard woods

Possible Solutions

Use alternative energy sources like solar etc.
Car manufacturers are looking at water, sugar cane and electric…

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Shannon Brown

Responsibility as God's stewards & leave Earth better than given means they try to reduce
pollution and preserve resources.
Everyone should be judging what doing in life as individual by standards of Christian faith.
Only being good steward and conserving environment & scarce resources can person be

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Shannon Brown

Egg and sperm are from husband and wife so the baby will be the biological offspring of it's
mother and father
Discarded embryos are not foetuses and therefore no life has been taken

Different attitudes to infertility treatments among Muslims

Accept IVF and AIH because

Egg and Sperm…

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Shannon Brown

Do not agree

Shari'ah teaches nothing should be removed from body after death
Playing God is the greatest sin of shirk
Qur'an teaches only God can take a life
Against Sanctity of life
Organs needed for resurrection on Last Day

Some allow from close relatives

Muslim lawyers allow…


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