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Unit H: Religion and Society
· Unit 1: Religion and Social
· This unit is all about how individuals run
their own lives, how the country is run, and
the links between the individual and
politics.…read more

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Christians and moral decisions
· Christians make decisions in different
· 1) Using the authority of the Bible (the
word of God)
· 2) Using the authority of the Church.
· 3) Using their conscience.
· 4) Applying situation ethics: Doing the
most loving thing in the particular situation
they are in.…read more

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The Electoral system in the UK
· The country is run by national government and
local government (the council).
· In England and Northern Ireland MPs and
Councillors are elected using the ` first past the
post' system: The voting system where the
candidate that gets the most votes in an area
· In Scotland and Wales, MPs and councillors are
elected using proportional representation: Where
seats in parliament are distributed according to
the proportion of votes each party gets.…read more

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Christian views on whether they should be
involved in running the country (politics)
· Some Christians believe their religion&politics
should be separated because: 1) Jesus said
they should be (Mark 12:13-17).
2)St Paul said that God looks after
politics&Christians should concentrate on
looking after their soul.
3) Church leaders have only ever advised the
Government on spiritual matters, not political.
4) In a multi faith society, religion must be kept
separate from politics, or there will be conflict.…read more

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Some Christians believe they should be
involved in politics because:
· 1) Jesus involved himself in politics when he
threw the money changers out of the temple.
· 2) Jesus showed in the Sermon on the Mount
that if you separate religion from politics, you
end up being controlled by politics, and don't get
a say in what happens in the country.
· 3) The Letter of James (in Bible) indicates that
Christians should be involved in politics in order
to take action when needed to help your country.…read more

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The Welfare State
· The Welfare state is one of the ways in
which the Government supports less
fortunate people in the UK.
· The Welfare state is the system of using
taxes to provide free services (eg
education) and benefits (eg state pension)
to those who need them.…read more

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