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KEY TERMS…read more

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Unit 1: Believing in God (Part 1)
· Agnosticism
­ The belief that we can not know whether God exists.
· Atheism
­ The belief that God does not exist.
· Conversion
­ When your life is changed by giving yourself to god / changing your religion.
· Free Will
­ The belief humans are free to make their own choices.
· Miracle
­ An event that could of only been caused by God.
· Moral Evil
­ Actions done by humans that cause suffering.…read more

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Unit 1: Believing in God (Part 2)
· Natural Evil
­ Actions which lead to suffering, which have been caused by the environment
(not humans.)
· Numinous
­ The feeling of presence of something greater than you.
· Omnibenevolent
­ God is all-loving.
· Omnipotent
­ God is all-powerful.
· Omniscient
­ God is all-seeing.
· Prayer
­ An attempt to contact God.…read more

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Unit 2: Matters of life and death (Part 1)
· Abortion
­ The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.
· Assisted Suicide
­ Providing someone who is seriously ill with the means to commit suicide.
· Euthanasia
­ The painless killing of someone who is dying.
· Immortality of the soul
­ The idea that your soul lives on after death.
· Near-death experience
­ When someone is about die and has an out of body experience.
· Non-voluntary euthanasia
­ Ending someone's life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you think they
would want you to do it.…read more

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Unit 2: Matters of life and death (Part 2)
· Paranormal
­ Unexplained events thought to have spiritual causes.
· Quality of life
­ Life must have some benefits to be worth living.
· Reincarnation
­ When we die our souls are reborn into a new body.
· Resurrection
­ The body stays in its grave until the end of the world.
· Sanctity of life
- The belief that life is holy and belongs to God.
· Voluntary euthanasia
­ Ending life painlessly when someone asks you to do it.…read more

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Unit 3: Marriage and the Family (Part 1)
· Adultery
­ An act between a married person and someone who is not their marriage
· Civil Partnership
­ A legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same legal rights as a husband
and wife.
· Cohabitation
­ Living together without being married.
· Contraception
­ Preventing pregnancy from occurring.
· Faithfulness
­ Staying with your marriage partner.
· Homosexuality
­ Attraction to the same gender.…read more

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