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Key terms:

Revelation = Something shown or explained that was hidden before, for example Bible/Qu'ran.

Afterlife = Where souls go when the body dies, for example heaven/paradise.

Akhirah = Life after death in Islam.

Vocation = Responding to God in terms of your career, for example priest/imam.

God = Ultimate being, creator of the world for example Allah.

Symbolism = A sign which has meaning for example the cross.

Lord = Equal to God, ruler of the world/heaven.

Redeemer = Bringer of forgiveness and eternal life.

Community = A group of people with something in common.

Awe = completely overwhelmed by God's presence, for example church/mosque.

Explain how religious believers might experience God?

Prayer = Communicating with God in a church/mosque for example Salat (pray 5 times a day)

Reading sacred texts = For example Bible/Qu'ran, God speaks to them through it.

Worship = can be individual or group, worship songs/prayers.

How might a religious believer respond to God?

Pilgrimmage = Muslims go to Mecca on Hajj, 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam and therefore a duty. Christians go to Lourdes where Bernadette saw the virgin mary, the water is said to have healing properties.

Explain how religious believers may use symbols to express beliefs about God?

Christians may use the Trinity. This shows the 3 parts of God's character: Father - creator, son - Jesus, Holy spirit - Gods power.

Muslims use a Subhah - prayer beads with 99 beads. Each bead


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