Religion, Sport & Leisure


Religion, Sport & Leisure

Key Terms

Stress: The mental or physical distress caused by pressure or difficult circumstsances 

Inspiration: The stimulation of the mind that leads a person to do something creative 

Binge drinking: drinking an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time

'Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchary'

'Wine and games of chance, idols and divining arrows, are abominations devised by Satan'

'People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction' 

Some people vandalise, or take drugs in an attempt to find excitement. Others are involved in gambling or binge drinking. 

Religious beliefs- Gambling appeals to selfishness and greed. Many people become addicted and lose money, causing hardship to themselves and their families. 

40% of a&e hospital admissions are due to alcohol. 

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Religion, Sport & Leisure

All religions recognise the value of leisure time for refreshment of the mind, body and spirit. 

Christians spend time in quiet reflection and prayer at home. Reading the bible. They will socialise with people from their church. Many young people will attend religious youth clubs, Sunday school; sports and summer camps. 

Parable of the rich fool

Rich man spends all of his time on growing crops not taking any time to rest. When he finished God said that he was a fool because that night he would die and would have no time to enjoy the riches he had earned. 

The Holy Land and Lourdes are holy places that Christians may wish to visit. 

  • Feel close to God
  • Learn more about their religion 
  • Feel spiritualy refreshed and encouraged in their faith 

Muslim men and boys are expected to attemd prayers at mosque on Fridays. Try to make time to pray five times a day. It is their duty to travel on Hajj to Saudi Arabia. (Pilgrimage to Makah). 

  • They renew their faith and reject evil, going home with a renewed vigour for Islam
  • They are moved and touched by the whole experience
  • They know they are taking part in the Prophet Muhammad's favourite pilgrimage
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Religion, Sport & Leisure

Benefits of Sport

  • Improves health and well being
  • Helps fight anxiety and depression 
  • Provides opportunity to socialise
  • Gives a sense of belonging and the opportuinity to work as a team
  • Improves concentration and stamina

Christians- Sport is good so long as it does not become an idol or more important than the persons relationship with God. 

Christians In Sport is an organisation that supports Christians in their sporting lives. Helps Christians in sport to share their faith and train leaders. 

Some Chrsitians refuse to play sport on Sundays as this is holy day and they should be at Church. 

Islam- Physical fitness is encouraged but concerns about modesty restrict the participation of women in some sports. According to the Shari'ah Law, it is not permitted to uncover certain body parts in public. 

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Religion, Sport & Leisure

Performance Enhancing Drugs

People who use performance enhancing drugs run the risk of being found out. They are dangerous because of their side effects (mood swings, depression, agression, liver damage, baldness, infertility, deepening of the voice). 

All six major religions oppose performance enhancing drugs because: 

  • It is dishonourable
  • It is cheating
  • Ir is illegal 
  • It is dangerous to the user

Sport is like religioun because:

  • there are songs and chants like worship songs
  • Symbols are used to represent teams

It is not like religion because: 

  • Religion is not about winning, it is a way of life
  • Sports fans may riot or drink during matches- unlke in religious services
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they spelt Makah rather then makkah

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