RELATIONSHIP Revison notes AQA- I missed out human reproductive behaviour

My Relationships Revison Notes For Jan 29th Exams

Two Theories On Formation and Maintenance (Reinforcement/Affect theory and Social Exchange Theory)

The Breakdown of Relationships Duck And Lee

The Influence Of Childhood Experiences and Adolescence on Adult Relationships

Nature Of Culture On Relationships

Hope this helps just felt to give back from all the revision notes ive gotten off this site.

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Reinforcement/Affect theory was developed by Bryne and Clore and is based on the learning theory
(Classical and Operant conditioning)

Classical Conditioning- Learning by association
Operant Conditioning-Learning by reinforcement (Punishments and Rewards)

They are not entirely separate as they work together to a certain extent like, we might initially make…

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considered less desirable when it was thought to have been worn by a disliked person when in
reality the same shirt was used for all the trials.

Criticisms of reinforcement/affect theory

Research evidence to support reinforcement/affect theory may lack ecological validity because the
study was conducted in laboratory settings and…

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EG when attention starts coming to a woman from her boyfriend and she finds that she's the one that has to
keep calling and texting for his attention and loving that he gave at the start she may start to wonder if the
relationship is worth keeping.


A strength…

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Breakdown Of Relationships

According to Duck relationships go wrong because

1. Preexisting doomIncompatibility and failure are almost predestined( For example 17 year old
marrying a 50 year old)
2. Mechanical failure two suitable people who find they cannot live together
3. Sudden Death the discovery of infidelity or betrayal can…

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Lee's (1984) stages in the breakdown of relationships

Lee found the following stages from a survey of 112 breakups of premarital romantic
relationships. He found that the relationships that had been the strongest took the longest
time to work through the five stages.

· DISSATIFICTION- Partner discover problems in the…

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The Influence of Childhood and adolescent experiences on adult relationships.

Attachment theory represents a major way of trying to understand the influence of childhood and
adolescent experiences on adult relationships

Hazen and Shaver: Aim of their study was to explore the possibility that attachment theory offers a
valuable perspective on…

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The relationship between attachment style and later adult relationships has been demonstrated in a
number of studies. Fraley (1998) conducted a metaanalysis of studies, finding correlations from
0.10 to 0.50 between early attachment type and later relationships. However, one key question concerns the
stability of attachment types. It could be…

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Divorce is allowed in western societies because relationships are temporary and it is based on the
relationship, if the relationship the marriage is based on is destructing then it is fine to divorce.

Western cultures value CHANGE AND NEW THINGS.

Non Western cultures values HISTORY AND Continuity


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