RE - Religious Studies

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Key Words

Omnipotent = all powerful                                                                                    

Benevolent = all loving

Omnicient = all knowing

Prayer = an attempt to contact God (through words)

Agnostic = unsure whether or not God exists

Athiest = God does not exsist

Thiest = God exists

Conversion = changing religion or following another one

Free Will = the idea that humans are free to make their own choices

Miracle = something that breaks the laws of science and makes you think that the only explanation is that God did it

Moral Evil = Actions done by humans which cause suffering

Natural Evil = The cause of suffering, but not at the hands of humans

Numinous = the feeling of the presence of something greater than you (awe and wonder)


Religion & The Media

The media can effect a person's veiws and opinions on God.


EG: "The Big Question" was a show on television, in which Richard Dawkins explaine Darwin's Theory, pointing out faults in the universes design. --> It was presented by an OXFORD UNIVERSITY PROFESSER and televised by the RESPECTED "DISCOVERY SCIENCE" channel, which would have affected people's veiws in God. If people as smart and respected as these believe there is no God, then they must be right. Right? Quote: "Charles Darwin has given us a much neater and more self sufficient and therefore more satisfying explanation, which is evolution through natural selection."


EG: "Jesus:The Real Story" was a BBC/DISCOVERY CHANNEL docuementary which sought to bring together historical, academic, religious and scientific studies, to give a modern day account of the life, mission and death of Jesus. Using STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT and interviewing IMPORTANT AND RESPECTED AND TRUSTED media organisations, who in the past


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