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Christine Hui

Unit 3: Religion and Science
Why do Christians believe in God?
Revelation: God revealing his existence to humanity
1. Special revelation: When God reveals himself to directly to an individual or group
Exclusive ­ only experienced by some people
E.g. Worship, personal experience, lives of great Christians, conscience,…

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Christine Hui

Da Creation

1 Light and dark

2 Sky (Heaven)

3 Seas and dry land

4 Sun, moon, stars

5 The fish (sea creatures) and the birds (air-born creatures)

6 Land creatures and humans

7 God rested

The story suggests that God created the world ex nihilo (from…

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Christine Hui

4. Genesis 2
Everything starts again, humans made first
5. God panned it and made exactly according to plan was PERFECT
`God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.'
`In praise of the creator.'
6. Everything happened by chance, exists for a reason

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Christine Hui

4. Humanity is seen as a special creation
God gave us pride
"image of God"
"breath of life"
Stewardship and responsibility
"Let them have dominion", "Be fruitful and multiply"
"Be fruitful and multiply"
5. Everything's perfect ("And God saw that it was good") until Adam and Eve disobeyed…

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Christine Hui

Suggested by Charles Darwin
1) Naturalist (Christian who turned agnostic)
2) Sailed in "Beagle" around the world
3) Studies how species differ in different places
4) Published ideas ­ `On the Origin of Species)
Natural Selection
5) Life began with a simple single cell
6) Evolved, survival of…

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Christine Hui

Religion and science conflict
1. Religious believers often believe that there is a purpose for the existence of the universe. Each of
us is here in the world for a reason and the world itself was also made as part of a big plan.
2. Scientific theories often…

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Christine Hui

"We see ourselves as the most important species."

What the Bible says about animals
1. "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the Earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea
and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on…

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Christine Hui

The impact of humankind on Earth:
1. Air pollution from factories, burning fossil fuels, toxic waste in sea/rivers, litter, car fumes
Greenhouse gases (CO, methane) greenhouse effect global warming polar ice caps
melt sea levels rise flooding
SO2, nitrogen oxide acid rain excess weathering destruction of buildings

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Christine Hui

Reduce pollution caused by cars, by cycling or by using public transport
Join `GREEN' groups, organisations (E.g. Target Earth: A worldwide organisation which
encourages Christians to be better stewards of creation, Worldwide Fund for Nature,
4. Vote for candidates who support care for the environment.


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Christine Hui

3. Albert Schweitzer wrote Civilisation and Ethics, and taught that all life was sacred. To injure/kill any
life-form on purpose is to act against God's creation. ( )
4. Karl Barth: Since God became man in the human form of Jesus, humans are more important than
other life-forms,…


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