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RS revision notes 2.3
Marriage and the family…read more

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Adultery A sexual act between a married person and someone other than their marriage
Civil Partnership A legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same legal rights as a husband
and wife
Cohabitation Living together without being married
Contraception Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring
Faithfulness Staying with your marriage partner and having sex only with them
Homosexuality Sexual attraction to the same sex
Nuclear Family Mother, father and children living as a unit
Pre-marital Sex Sex before marriage
Procreation Making a new life
Promiscuity Having sex with a number of partners without commitment
Re-constituted Family Where two sets of children (stepbrothers and stepsisters) become one family when
their divorced parents marry each other
Re-marriage Marrying again after being divorced from a previous marriage…read more

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Changing attitudes towards, marriage,
divorce, family life and gays
50 years ago:
· Sex before marriage was a sin
· People married in churches in there mid 20's
· Most households ­ nuclear family
· Most have sex before marriage
· Contraception is widely available
· Cohabitation is accepted ­ most live together before marriage
· Most households not married couples
· average for marriage has increased about 32 for men 30 for women
· Many don't accept Christian ideas for family life
· 35% of marriages take place in church
· Media present sex before marriage and cohabitation as normal
This change in attitudes have affected sexual health ­ in 2003 10% had an STI…read more

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50 years ago :
· It was difficult to get a divorce
· Divorced people were looked down on
· Divorced people couldn't remarry in a church
Today :
· Divorce is widely accepted
· 2 in 5 marriages end in divorce
Changes in attitudes due to :
· Now easier and cheaper to get a divorce
· People live longer- long time together
· Women less prepared to put up with bad treatment
· Women don't depend on men for money so they can afford to divorce
Family life
In the 960's:
· Nuclear family was the norm
· More single parent families
· Many families the mother and father are not married
· More reconstituted families
· More women work = grandparents looking after children…read more

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The law :
· Illegal in Britain to be gay until 196, when sex between gays was made legal (21 years
· Legal age was lowered to 18 in 1994
· Legal age was lowered to 16 in 2000
· Civil partnerships were made legal in 2004
Changing attitudes :
· When it was made legal ­ many thought it was a sin or disease , now doctors say it is
not a choice
· Changes in law have made it more acceptable
· 1989 ­ Denmark made gays couples have the same right as normal couples , 1st
country to do so.
· However in the UK gays can not marry
· Gays find it difficult to adopt
· Homophobic groups in some countries where gays get attacked…read more

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Reasons for these changes
· Successful campaigns for women's right etc means now please are treated fairly
· The world has experienced globalisation which forces people to think about there
views of others
· UK has become multi cultural and multi faith society means people accept others views
more than ever
· Diversity is seen to be good
· TV + other media has impacted the way people think
· Christian faith has less impact on society ­ due to falling church attendance…read more

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