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Unit 1 - Identity, Diversity and Belonging

Being Catholic
Belonging means to be feel a sense of security in friendship and to be accepted

Belonging gives you a sense of identity

Roman Catholics are distinguished from other denominations of Christianity as they have
- Seven Sacraments
- Mediators (Mary and…

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Unit 2 - Practices and Ways of Life

The Pastoral Functions of the Church
The church is ore than just a building, the church is a community of believers helping those in need

The church has a pastoral role and it cares for it parishioners. This is called pastoral care…

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understand the commitment being made and will generally be fully submerged in a pool (baptistery).

- The minister will give a sermon to explain the importance of the baptism and the people being
baptised are brought forward, generally wearing white clothes.
- The candidate is asked if they have repented…

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Unit 3 - Expressing Meaning

Internal Features
Altar - Table for the bread and wine
Font - The container for water for baptism
Cross - Symbol of hope
Pulpit - Raised platform for speaking from
Lectern - The stand that holds the bible
Candles - The light of the world…

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they are now abstract artworks that symbolise bible stories and quotes and can help create atmosphere within the
The Bible - An essential part of Christian life and worship. It is the greatest source of information for Christians about
their faith and it is also what many prayers are…

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Unit 4 - Beliefs, Teachings and Sources of Authority

The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus was the son of God
A voice from heaven spoke and told people "this is my beloved son"

His mission was to give power via the holy spirit and to help guide and teach people as…

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Parable of the Prodigal son
A son who ran away was forgiven by his father on his return.This is a sign of God's forgiveness as it is
about the change of heart not necessarily our list of sins. We are always accepted by our family and
anyone who forgives us…

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teaching, the voice of others and thinking of all the choices available

Franz JagerStatter
Franz was an Austrian conscientious objector. He informed his conscience with prayer and the
magisterium, by talking to his bishop and priest, and then still refused to go and fight in the war

The Resurrection of…

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Unit 5 - Meaning, Purpose and Truth
The three main issues are connected by the key questions Catholics ask about life's purpose value,
its beginning and end and the source of life
Sanctity of life is the belief that all human life is sacred or holy and is unique


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Eternal - without beginning or end
Omnipotence - all-powerful and able to do anything
Omnipresent - always everywhere and in everything
Omni benevolent - all loving and fully good
Omniscient - all knowing and sees everything

Life after death
Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies…


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