Edexcel Religious Studies Revision Notes- Marriage and the Family

Everything you need to learn for the topic of Marriage and the Family for Edexcel Unit 1.

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Marriage and the Family
Statistics tell us:
Number of marriages have dropped
Number of divorces have risen
Cohabitation has risen
Sex outside marriage:
Christian teachings:
MOST CHRISTIANS believe that sex should only take place in MARRIAGE
and that sex before marriage and adultery and both wrong.
The bible teaches " Thou shall not commit adultery" Based on teachings of the
pope for CATHOLICS and general synod for PROTESTANTS.
SOME CHRISTIANS believe sex before marriage is okay as long as the couple
are in in love and do plan to marry eventually.
Muslim Teachings:
Muslims believe that sex should only take place inside marriage and that sex
before marriage and adultery are both wrong.
The Qur'an teaches that sex before marriage and adultery are a great sin.
Marriages are arranged by parents although British Muslims play a part in the
selection of their own partner.
To prevent sex outside marriage girls and boys are separated after puberty
and men and women never have mixed gatherings.
Muslims are expected to marry because the Prophet married and so it is
sunnah. You cannot have legal partnership in Islam unless you are married.
Christian teachings:
SOME CHRISTIANS (ROMAN CATHOLICS) believe there divorce is not
allowed at all. They believe this because :
1. Jesus banned divorce
2. When you marry you make promises to God which cannot be broken.
3. They can get annulment (pretend the marriage never happened)

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Other Christians (mainly Protestants) believe that if a marriage goes wrong
and there is no chance of bringing the couple back together, then they can
divorce. This is because God is always prepared to forgive our sins if we are
determined to live a new life. They also believe in the lesser of two evils.
Islamic Teachings:
Divorce is allowed in Islam because marriage is a contract.…read more

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Muslims follow the footprints of the prophet and the prophet got married and
had a family.
The children learn about Islam through the family.
Why are there MORE Divorces?
It is easier and cheaper to have divorce ­ you can do it on-line.
People live longer and have more leisure time so they may get bored with each
Women are less prepared to put up with less treatment from their husbands
and have more economic then they did in the past.…read more

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They believe that the teachings of the bible need re-interpreting in
the light of modern knowledge and as a major Christian belief is love and
acceptance, they believe that homosexuals should be accepted. They also
believe Christians should be open and honest.…read more

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Stops HIV/AIDS from spreading. There is
nothing in the bible that forbids contraceptives.
Islamic teachings:
All Muslims believe that contraceptives should not be used to stop having
children altogether but can be used to limit the family size.
SOME MUSLIMS believe that contraception is going against the will of Allah
because the Qur'an teaches "Kill not your children on plea of want" and this
puts a ban on contraception.…read more


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