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Racism in Nazi Germany
Anti-Semitism, Attacks on the Jews, Education, Ghettos, The Final
Solution…read more

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Anti-Semitism…read more

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Reasons for anti-Semitism
The Nazi's believed the `Aryan' race was superior.
They wanted to preserve the `purity' of the German race by restricting the
activities of other races.
Hitler considered the Jews to be the lowest of all races; they were called
subhuman and likened to animals.
He used them as a scapegoat and blamed them for all Germany's problems
(losing the war, inflation, unemployment, etc.)
Jews were resented because of their wealth.
They were blamed for killing Jesus.…read more

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Nazi Attacks on Jews…read more

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Treatment of the Jews
1933: the SA ordered a boycott of all Jewish businesses. A week later,
Hitler ordered the sacking from government jobs of anyone not of
`Aryan' descent.
1933 (summer): placards appeared outside public places such as
swimming pools, reading "Jews not wanted."
1935: The Nuremberg Laws barred Jews from being German citizens.
Marriage or sexual intercourse between a German and a Jew was
made illegal.
1938: a Jew shot a Nazi official and killed him. In retaliation, the SA
carried out a campaign of terror against the Jews ­ The Night of the
Broken Glass (Kristallnacht).
Jewish shops were damaged and looted, 91 were murdered, 20,000
sent to concentration camps, 200 synagogues burn.
The Jews were ordered to pay one billion marks to the government.…read more

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Treatment of the Jews
Jews had to wear yellow stars in public by means of identification.
The Nazis used euthanasia, `mercy killing', to kill incurable
mentally/physically disabled people.
They did this because it was expensive to keep them alive, and they
were weakening the German race.
The Nazis also hated Eastern Europeans. They too were called
subhuman. This is why Hitler invaded Russia in 1941.…read more

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