Wc views on rearmament. britain 1930-1997

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  • WC's views on rearmament?
    • Why did WC object to Nazi Germany?
      • Saw the regime as brutal, disliked the racism + murder
      • Feared a repeat of 1914, where Germany was a threat to European peace
      • Had been member of govt that had approved TOV, that AH now wanted to break
      • Worried about the new German air force.
      • Knew that Britain would be defenceless in air warfare
      • Understood the effects of aerial bombing
    • Problems with Rearmament
      • Had been responsible for disarming in 20s. Maintained 10 year rule
      • Financial crisis meant cuts to govt spending e.g. military spending
      • Poor people suffering + public cuts and little help for unemployed
      • Many saw it fair that germany rebuilt its army- TOV was harsh
      • Not unreasonable to build army as french had very large army  + threat from USSR
      • WC seemed too much part of pre-WW1 thinking + alarmist = lacks credibility
      • Many supported LON, and felt it was international organisation job to deal with countries, not individual states
      • After AH more agressive, govt reamrs from 1938. Seemd right descision


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