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Nazi Ideologies

Power of the Will

Hitler's speeches and writing made out that the Nazi Party and his leadership were forces of change in
Power, strength, and determination to succeed were qualities that Hitler personified according to Nazi
The movement he led presented image of discipline, unity, and…

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The idea was not pragmatic because it would cause social unrest in Germany and would also be difficult
to carry out in the future, but Hitler did try.

People's Community

Concept of a "people's community", or Volksegemeinschaft, was a key element in Nazi ideology,
although never defined clearly.
Hitler saw…

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Hitler wanted to destroy Weimar Republic because it was parliamentary democracy, a system which he
viewed as weak and ineffective and entirely at odds with Germany's traditions of strong authoritarian
He also believed that parliamentary democracy encouraged growth of communism.
April 1922 "Democracy is fundamentally not German; it is…

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political party which had taken part in coalition during Weimar Republic as having collaborated with
communism and Jewish democracy.
2. Biological: Any group which represented a threat to racial purity and health of the nation was presented
in negative light, e.g. Jews, gypsies, mentally unfit, and physically unfit. Those who…

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The Nazis put forward an idealised traditional view of women and their role in society; homemakers and
child bearers.
Needed to be physically fit, with broad hips and should display Aryan characteristics of blonde hair and
blue eyes. Discouraged from wearing make-up, could only wear flat-soled shoes and shouldn't wear…

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The idea was not very pragmatic as if they were to enter into war they would need intelligent individuals
to develop weaponry, transportation, medicines, new warfare, etc. They would also need intelligent
individuals to develop Germany through the 1000 year Reich.


Regarded as deeply offensive by traditionally minded Nazis,…


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