Nazi ideology

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Nazi Ideologies
Power of the Will
Hitler's speeches and writing made out that the Nazi Party and his leadership were forces of change in
Power, strength, and determination to succeed were qualities that Hitler personified according to Nazi
The movement he led presented image of discipline, unity, and coordination which would sweep
opponents aside, e.g. parades of storm troopers.
"The People's State will never be created by compromise but only by the iron will of a single movement
which has successfully come through in the struggle with all others" ­ Hitler.
He was creating a sense of togetherness, and mentally preparing the country for war and the sacrifices
that came with it; and also the idea of men being warriors. He is also emphasising the importance of
moving as one, working towards the Fuhrer.
The idea of gearing the country up to be great wasn't a new idea, but the outright admission that the
people would have to go through hardships and be prepared to make big sacrifices was.
The idea was pragmatic because it gave the Germans hope and helped to increase Nazi votes. However,
the Nazi's never made it clear how far they were willing to take the ideas of power, strength and
Struggle, Violence and War
Struggle, violence and war were at the heart of Nazi thinking and actions.
Hitler defined his Weltanschauung (world outlook; ideology) in terms of struggle and he claimed
scientific justification that struggle and conflict between races was inevitable, natural.
He believed war through the means of conquest and subjugation would help recreate a great German
society and a new German Reich.
Nazi propaganda glorified the military virtues of courage, self-sacrifice and loyalty.
SA was a protected organisation, which gave them the platform to demonstrate their masculinity.
Nazi propaganda glorified the military virtues of courage loyalty, and self-sacrifice.
The SA was projected as an organisation that allowed men to show their strength and "manliness."
Again, the idea was to gear the country up to war and prepare them for the hardships a head, for the
achievements would be worth it.
The idea led to increased racism and a rise in membership to the SA.
Social Darwinism and the Master Race
Hitler viewed life basically as a Darwinian struggle of survival of the fittest. Only the fittest survive and
Hitler believed that the Aryans were the master race who would conquer.
He viewed humanity as consisting of a hierarchy of races. Jews, black people, and Slavs all being inferior
­ while the Herrenvolk (master race) were Aryan people of northern Europe.
Struggles between races over resources seen as inevitable, and it was destiny that the Aryan's would
rule over the inferior races.
War would reconstruct German society and create a new German Reich through conquest and
subjugation of other races.
In order for Aryan's to be successful in the racial struggles, it was vital they remain racially pure ­ thus no
intermarriage and mixing of races, as it would undermine the Aryan superiority and pollute their blood.
The Aryan's were "the founders of all higher humanity", whereas the Jews were "the ferment of
decomposition among the nations, the wreckers of human civilisation."
The idea hatred towards Jews was not a new, however the extreme and outright words against them
were something that hadn't previously been widespread in government bodies.

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The idea was not pragmatic because it would cause social unrest in Germany and would also be difficult
to carry out in the future, but Hitler did try.
People's Community
Concept of a "people's community", or Volksegemeinschaft, was a key element in Nazi ideology,
although never defined clearly.
Hitler saw the State in racial terms, only Aryans could be citizens of the State ­ all others were to be
denied the right of citizenship. They were merely subjects of the State.…read more

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Hitler wanted to destroy Weimar Republic because it was parliamentary democracy, a system which he
viewed as weak and ineffective and entirely at odds with Germany's traditions of strong authoritarian
He also believed that parliamentary democracy encouraged growth of communism.
April 1922 "Democracy is fundamentally not German; it is Jewish. This Jewish democracy, with its
majority decisions, has always been only a means towards the destruction of any existing Aryan
leadership." Hitler.
Weimar made out of betrayals to Germany, by the "November criminals.…read more

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Weimar Republic as having collaborated with
communism and Jewish democracy.
2. Biological: Any group which represented a threat to racial purity and health of the nation was presented
in negative light, e.g. Jews, gypsies, mentally unfit, and physically unfit. Those who suffered hereditary
defects were candidates for compulsory sterilisation, based on science of eugenics.
3. Groups whose values or behaviour conflicted with Nazi norms were portrayed as "asocial", i.e. existing
on fringe of society ­ for example: vagrants, alcoholics, criminals, juvenile delinquents, prostitutes and
homosexuals.…read more

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The Nazis put forward an idealised traditional view of women and their role in society; homemakers and
child bearers.
Needed to be physically fit, with broad hips and should display Aryan characteristics of blonde hair and
blue eyes. Discouraged from wearing make-up, could only wear flat-soled shoes and shouldn't wear
Women should be discouraged from pursuing professional careers, motherhood was their vocation and
they were responsible for the "success of the nation."
This was an old idea, but it wasn't very pragmatic.…read more

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The idea was not very pragmatic as if they were to enter into war they would need intelligent individuals
to develop weaponry, transportation, medicines, new warfare, etc. They would also need intelligent
individuals to develop Germany through the 1000 year Reich.
Regarded as deeply offensive by traditionally minded Nazis, since it was seen as being against the laws of
Homosexuals also threatened the Nazi policy for racial domination as they produced no children.…read more


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