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Language -
Point Evidence Analysis
- Imagery & simile - `phones,//like guns' - Imagery suggests violence.
- `phones' = communication ­
recent inventions.
- Metaphor - `your voice a pellet' - Highlights capability of hurting
with words.
- Intimate physical - `in my ear' - Reflects intimacy of
words/phrases - `hear me groan' relationship.
- Alliteration - `you speak after the - Harsh `t' sounds reflect
tone. I twirl the aggression in this argument.
- `trigger of my
- Metaphor - `trigger of my - Represents tongue as a
tongue' weapon: perfectly describes an
- Comic when combined with `t'
sounds ­ Duffy making a joke of
petty arguments in
- Second person - `You choose your - Reader feels involved.
pronouns spot, then blast me' - We are the lover ­ feel
- Classic western - `old Last Chance - Bar in the US, last place you
Imagery saloon' could drink legally before
moving into a prohibition state.
- Last chance they have to get
relationship back on its feet.
- If they go any further, it will
- Ambiguity - `read the silver - Deliberately ambiguous.
bullets of your kiss. - Giving in? Returning the
Take this ...//and kisses?
this... and this... and - OR having a last attempt at the
this... and this...' shootout?

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