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Asses the impacts of Counterurbanisation (Use examples)10 marks

West Sussex county has seen dramatic changes in the nature of many of its rural settlements in the
last 30 years. As it lies just outside the London Greenbelt, some villages have been victims of the
pressure of counterurbanisation. As personal…

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Government subsidy is another factor. After WW1 the British governments provided subsides to
local authorities to provide housing to improve living conditions for those returning from military
service in the Great War. The availability of these subsidies for "House for Heroes" continued well
into the 1930's, leading to the…

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cater for this marketing with large numbers of edge-of-CBD and inner city apartments built with
young single people/couples in mind.

However, consequences have also been present. The first effect is the increase of residential
population and population density in the inner city.

It can be a positive in that…


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