Question 4, Life After Death, AQA B, Religious Studies Powerpoint GCSE

This is a powerpoint highlighting the key points of question 4 for Religious studies AQA B GCSE. The original notes were summaries from our teacher. However, I prefer mine as a powerpoint and wrote the notes into my own words- I thought I might as well share what I had :) Hope it helps

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Life After Death
Stephanie Smith…read more

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This is the idea that you live on after you die
There are different types of immortality:
Living on as a memory
Living on as a legacy of work…read more

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Why do people believe in life
after death?
(With the exception of Buddhists) Religions
believe that God exists, therefore there must be
something beyond this world
There would be little purpose to living without life
after death
It's logical that God would have created a reward
for suffering
Near death experiences suggest there's more after
Some people claim to have been brought back to
The soul must go somewhere
Some other existence is suggests by ghosts and
Presence of dead relations (channelling as people
communicate with the dead with a medium)…read more

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Why do people believe in life
after death?
Evidence in Holy books/ Scriptures
There are writings about rebirth
Buddha described how to end suffering and
achieve Nibbana by following the duty
Buddha has taught about the impermanence of
all things
There have been descriptions of visions of the
ultimate reality and bright lights…read more

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Why do people believe in life
after death?
Evidence in Holy books/ Scriptures
Jesus rose from the dead
Jesus said he was `the resurrection and the life'
He spoke about preparing a place for his
followers with God
In the new testament within the Bible, Paul's
letters teach about a new body that follows
death…read more

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Reasons why some people find it
hard to believe in life after death
There is a lack of evidence to prove it
People do not return after death therefore perhaps
that's just it
There couldn't be more to it- the heart stops, the
body goes stiff and disintegrates within the grave.
The body is now useless
Logical explanations could explain near death
People tend to see figures in relation to their own
culture however others do not so perhaps it's just a
dream/ hallucination
You are unable to go and experience or see it for
It could have been made up for comfort for the…read more

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