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Unit 1: Social, Biological and Developemental Psychology
Topic 1 ­ Biological Psychology
1. What is stress?
2. What happens in the body when reacting to a stressor?
3. What are the ways in which stress can be measured?
4. Is there evidence for a link between stress and illness?…

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11. What are some examples of social roles?
12. What are some procedures and findings of research into conformity?
13. How do people conform to social rules?
14. Can you evaluate the above research?
15. What are some procedures and findings of research into the significance of physical
attractiveness in…

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Unit 2: Cognitive Psychology, Individual Differences; and Ethics and
Research Issues in Psychology
Topic 1 ­ Cognitive Psychology
1. What is the importance of EWT in adults?
2. What are some experiments of this?
3. What are some factors affecting EWT?
4. Can you evaluate this theory?
5. What are…

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9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each sampling technique?
10. What are some different types of experimental design?
11. How can you calculate the mean?
12. How can you calculate the median?
13. How can you calculate the mode?
14. What are bar charts and scattergraphs?
15. What…


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