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Health Psychology
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Area 1- Stress…read more

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How does work cause stress?- Pressure to
succeed at work, and to deal with the
pressures of work (being a manager of a
team or trying to get a promotion) may
increase levels of stress.
Work- Johansson…read more

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measure stress response in two categories of employees.
Natural environment
24 workers at Swedish Sawmill, 14 were `finishers' and 10 were cleaners
Ppts pissed in a pot and filled out self reports on mood, alertness and
caffeine/nicotine consumption. Repeated 5X a day.
High risk group had adrenaline samples twice as high as baseline and
increased throughout day.
control had peak of 1.5 times but decreased over the day.
Demanding attention to detail job and also heavily mechanised resulted in
high stress levels.
Work- Johansson…read more

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Good ecological validity- took place in
natural environment (Swedish saw mill)
Social desirability/boredom effect- having
to do self reports 4 times a day may
become tedious and so may lie, all though
using urine tests would counteract SD as
cant manipulate urine tests.
Work- Johansson…read more

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How does lack of control lead to stress?- if
an individual cant control a situation and
what is happening to them, this may act as
a stressor as cant control there lives.
Lack of control- Geer & Maisel…read more

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A very helpful PPT on Healthy Living, thank you.

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