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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Healthy Living. ­ Methods of Health Promotion
Media Campigns
Aims to raise awareness about particular health behaviour
Effectiveness is limited
Campaigns on smoking, drink driving, sexual behaviour and healthy eating
Shown on TV, magazines, radio etc.
Attitude change doesn't always lead to behavioural change
Yale model of communication:
Valid communicator (Trustworthy)
Believable message (Clear)
Method of communication must be accessible (one to one)
Message must be aimed towards the target audience (Audience sympathetic and knowledgable)
Situation the message is received in must be taken into account (Home, cinema, doctors surgery)
Cowpe ­ Chip pan fires
Test effectiveness of media campaign aimed to reduce chip pan fires
Quasi experiment
Two 60 second TV advertisements were shown in 10 UK regions
Showed the cause of chip pan fires and how to put them out
2 variables:
-Number of chip pan fires reported
-2 Quantitative consumer attitude surveys
12% reduction in chip pan fires in these regions
If area received more than once channel ­ less impact
Questionnaires showed increase in awareness ­ 62% to 96%
Media campaigns can be effective in increasing awareness and changing behaviour
Most effective ­ information on about what to do rather than what to think or what to be scared of.
Evaluation point Explain + Evidence
Longitudinal study Shows effects over a long period of time
Field study High ecological validity and low control of who watches them
Situation explanation Once people knew what to do they could act accordingly
Usefulness Findings are useful since they show that if you want to change an
unhealthy behaviour it is important to explain what to do rather than just
what to avoid

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Law passed by governing bodies
May exist to promote or protect public's health
Through changing health attitudes and behaviours
Eg. Legal age to buy cigarettes increasing to 18 years or no smoking in public places
Controls health behaviours such as drink driving
Effectiveness of enforcing laws to change certain health behaviours can be questioned.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Fear arousal
Scaring people to make them aware of the consequences of bad health behaviour
However, may not be as effective in making an individual change in their bad health habits
Eg. Impact of a film that showed the devastating effects of having sex with prostitutes and
developing VD.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Healthy Living. ­ Features of Medical Adherence
Reasons for non-adherence
Non-adherence is when patients do not take their medicine or follow medical advice
Barriers against taking medicine may be greater than the benefits of taking it
Eg. Side effects of treatments
Eg. Not seeing any improvement from their treatment
Eg. Simply forgetting to take the medication
People simply believe that it is not in their best interests to continue taking the medicine, so they stop.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Stress. ­ Causes of stress
Work Place
Task-related factors
Information overload, information under-load and pace of a machine
Interpersonal factors
eg. Role ambiguity or role conflict
Environmental factors
Eg.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Hassles and Life events
Social readjustment rating scale (SRRS)
Examine the events and experiences in our lives that cause stress
List of major and minor events and gave each a rank and a mean value
300 life changes or more were more susceptible to both physical and mental illness
Eg.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.…read more

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Psychology revision ­ Health.
Stress.…read more


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